lantanon generic zyrtec

Lantanon generic zyrtec
Lantanon generic zyrtec
General Pharmacology (2) Generic (approved) name: Official name that is used in pharmacopoeias. MONOAMINE OXIDASE INHIBITORS Mianserin: Lantanon.

White, oval and biconvex watercoated tablets, coded CT above 7 on both sides of the score on one side and Organon on the reverse. Lantanon does not interact with bethanidine, guanethidine or propranolol (either alone or in combination with hydralazine). For relief of symptoms of depression in those cases of depressive illness where medicinal therapy is indicated.

At normal dosage Lantanon has less effect on the cardiovascular system than tricyclics. The daily dose can be taken either in divided doses or preferably (in view of a favourable effect on sleep) as a single dose at night. The single night-time dose should not exceed 60 mg. Lantanon may precipitate hypomania in susceptible subjects with bipolar depressive illness. Nevertheless, it is recommended to monitor the blood pressure of those patients who are concomitantly treated with antihypertensive medicines.

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Lantanon may precipitate hypomania in susceptible subjects with bipolar depressive illness. Lantanon should be used with caution in patients with cardiovascular disorders, such as ischaemic heart disease. The sedative effects of Lantanon may be enhanced by concurrent adminiswith alcohol, and concomitant administration with barbiturates is not recommended.

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