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The colorful orchid like flowers of the Butterfly Flower contrast beautifully against the soft, feathery foliage of this annual. They are sometimes called Mini Brugs, because they resemble and are a close relative of Brugmansias. In May and through June, the plant will become covered with soft, 1 1/2" white, purple, pink or red flowers Common Aubrieta is a vigorous growing, mat forming ground cover and rock garden plant.

Portulaca seeds should be sown outside after your last frost has passed. The Creeping Saltbush is a low growing shrub from Australia with light green curly leaves. They grow well in containers and make excellent cut flower arrangements. Deadhead for more blooms , except everything is shrunk down to about one fourth the size. Cats love it, and it repels Aphids! Chrysanthemums are just about the easiest of all of the perennials to grow.

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Red Clover is a legumous, nitrogen fixing, frost tender perennial with light green, trifoliate leaves immediately below a globe type flower head. They should be planted in early spring after all danger of freezing, however they can be planted almost any time. The fragrant, one inch, pink flowers appear in early spring followed by purple foliage which turns green by mid-summer Flowering tobacco is a tall, easy to grow annual that is useful for garden backgrounds or for eye catching mass plantings.

Flowers plants and shrubs with purple flowers - gardenPurple Flowering Plants, Shrubs and Trees Below you will find a listing of all the plants in our index that produce Purple Flowers I'm sure that most of them produce many other colors of flowers as well!.

This plant is easily grown from seed or propagated by division. Red Clover is a legumous, nitrogen fixing, frost tender perennial with light green, trifoliate leaves immediately below a globe type flower head. May become invasive if not contained 10" tall and 20" wide mounds of light green, heart shaped leaves, with clusters of tiny violet-blue 'forget-me-not' flowers on wirey stems in late spring Siberian Irises are very durable and extremely hardy.

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